Skyblivion - Nocturnal shrine
Roberto gatto nocturnal scene
Roberto gatto nocturnal concept

Concept sheet

Roberto gatto backnoc
Roberto gatto noc
Roberto gatto screenshot001 1
Roberto gatto old nocturnal

Original oblivion version

Skyblivion - Nocturnal shrine

I was tasked with redesigning Nocturnal. Was really happy to tackle this as Nocturnal is one of my fave daedras!

After reading some lore and looking through references I decided that the main thing I wanted to do differently was to have a slightly more dynamic and less crucified pose but also have it way less sexy (compared to the skyrim one).

The process involved posing a DAZ model, then sew a custom dress inside MD, morph it into the pose with the clothing and then just render an occlusion pass to use as a base for the concept sheet in PS.

More artwork
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