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Welcome to the Digital Painting mentorship page! If you are here it means you are possibly interested in improving your fundamentals and digital painting skills.

The goal of this mentorship is to provide you with the tools to create better digital art and give you a broad understanding of perspective, lighting, color and composition. 

Keep scrolling for a syllabus of the mentorship

DISCLAIMER: Anatomy and gesture aren't covered in this mentorship

The mentorship can be done either in Italian or English language


Weekly 1 on 1

We will meet on the mentorship discord for a weekly 60-minute call that you will be able to reserve in advance. I will then go over your assignments, make corrections and explain/demo anything required for that week's topic.  I strongly encourage you to ask any kind of art and career-related questions as well.


During the session I will show you how to improve your work by painting over it and explain you my thought process on making certain changes.


I will share any kind of resource (brushes, references, videos, links, and other downloads) that might come up during our weekly meetings and that I use in my or have used in my career.

Final concept-glazed-intensity20-render4-V1.jpg


Week 1 - Introduction to digital painting tools

Week 2 - Basics of perspective sketching

Week 3 - Understanding Values and Lighting

Week 4 - Studying material properties

Week 5 -  Composition Basics

Week 6 - Introducing Colors

Week 7 - Master study workout - Still life

Week 8 - Sketching a prop

Week 9 - Bringing it all together - rendering and final touches


Requirements & pricing

As this is not a fundamentals-focused mentorship I will require a portfolio submission to evaluate if this program can be effective for you. While we will cover and reinforce fundamentals, it's required to have some proficiency with the tools and a basic understanding of painting and its principles.​The mentorship is a 9-week program priced at 800€(+ VAT for all Italian students and European students who are not in possession of a VAT ID). You will be required to pay at least a deposit in advance, this is to prevent people from filling student slots and then not showing up. 

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